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Wound Healing Services

The UNC Rockingham Wound Healing Center, a Service of UNC Rockingham Hospitals, offers a unique and aggressive therapy designed to control infection, improve blood flow and hasten the healing process. The center’s staff also provides education in ways to prevent the wound from recurring.

A wound that does not heal properly runs the risk of infection or serious complications that can affect the quality of life. Conditions that can benefit from wound care center services include:

  • Any wound that does not heal within a month when self treated or treated by a primary care physician
  • A condition that can cause poor wound healing, including diabetes, poor blood circulation or lack of sensation in the affected area, a location that makes a wound hard to self treat (such as buttocks), poor nutrition, a suppressed immune system (such as caused by chemotherapy or AIDS), or being immobile or bedridden
  • A previous history of non-healing wounds
  • A large surface area burn

The wound healing center team works with the patient’s personal doctor, just like any other medical specialist, to ensure an uninterrupted continuum of care.

UNC Rockingham Wound Healing Center, a Service of UNC Rockingham Hospitals located at Wright Diagnostic Center
618 S. Pierce Street
Phone: 336-627-0295

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