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  • About Us

    Cuidado después del hospital Cuando su médico determina que usted puede ser dado de alta, pero todavía necesita cuidados médicos, el ó ella puede darle de

  • After Florence, Rockingham County hospital receives one patient by chopper 9/30/2018

    Callie Outlaw, who was evacuated from New Hanover Regional Medical Center during Hurricane Florence, may be the first patient ever transferred to UNC Rockingham for care.

  • Baby is first in Rockingham and first at renamed UNC Rockingham Hospital 1/4/2018

    Willow Rose Hairston wasn’t just the first baby born this year in Rockingham County. She was the first baby born at UNC Rockingham Hospital, formerly

  • Becky Bell

    "A gift of flowers can only begin to express my gratitude." Becky Bell (right) has been having back-pain issues since 1999. A fall in 2013 seriously aggravated


    Gracias por la oportunidad de servirlos durante su estadía en el hospital. Nosotros nos comprometemos a proveer el mejor cuidado possible. Nuestros empleados

  • Bills & Insurance

    Thank you for choosing UNC Rockingham Health Care for your health care needs. We are committed to delivering quality and excellence in all aspects of our

  • Board of Directors

    View the members of the board of directors for UNC Rockingham Health Care.

  • Bob Wyatt

    I'm a 70-year-old walking miracle! The way Bob Wyatt (right) sees it, Dr. Mark Roy (left), a board-certified neurosurgeon with UNC Rockingham Health Care

  • Campus Map

    Click here to download a pdf of our Campus Map >>

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