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Summary of Privacy Rights

We are dedicated to maintaining the privacy of your health information. We might share information about you, without your permission, to treat your health problems, to make sure your bills are paid, and to assure the smooth operation of UNC Rockingham Health Care.

You have the following rights:

  • The right to inspect your health information
  • The right to ask for a copy of your health information
  • The right to ask for an amendment to your medical record
  • The right to see with whom we share your health information, if we are not sharing it as part of your treatment, payment, or hospital operations
  • The right to request that we restrict access to your health information
  • The right to request that we contact you in a certain way, or at a certain location
  • The right to object to the hospital’s use of your information in the directories
  • The right to file a complaint if you think we have violated your privacy rights

We will not use or share your medical information for any purposes other than those listed in the Notice of Privacy Practices unless we have your written authorization to do so. If you give us this authorization, you have the right to revoke it, or take it away. If you do not wish to be listed in our patient directories while you are a patient at UNC Rockingham Health Care, please notify the privacy officer at 336-627-6965. If this is your choice, visitors, flowers, cards and phone calls may not be received unless YOU disclose your room number.

All employees of UNC Rockingham Health Care, and anyone who treats you while you are a patient here, must follow our privacy policy.

UNC Rockingham Health Care has the right to change the Notice of Privacy Practices. A copy of the current Notice of Privacy Practices will be posted on our website, at, and at various locations in the hospital.

You may also ask for a paper copy of the full Notice of Privacy Practices – available in English or Spanish. Contact the privacy officer at 336-627-6965 for further questions.

Contact UNC Rockingham Health Care

Phone the hospital at 336-623-9711.