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Special Services

Special Services

Living Wills/Advance Directives

Since 1991, all hospitals have been required to ask each patient if he or she has an advance directive (living will) and also to ask if it is on file at their hospital.

Our hospital complies with this law. If you do not have a living will, we are required to give you information about the document.

A living will expresses your wishes for your healthcare treatment to be carried out when you are not capable of communicating your wishes. You should identify a healthcare power of attorney who will carry out your wishes when you are not able to make decisions for your care.

Transition Management

To speak with a member of our Transition Management Team, please phone (336) 627-6196. If you or a loved one is being treated in the hospital, you may also ask your nurse to arrange a consultation with a representative from our Transition Management Team.

Spiritual Care

We are fortunate to be served by several local chaplains who volunteer to be on call in order to serve the spiritual needs of our patients. Please ask the staff or the hospital operator to contact a chaplain for you.

Ministers are asked to visit only those people in their own parishes or congregations.

A Chapel is located near the Emergency Department and is available for your use.

Contact UNC Rockingham Health Care

Phone the hospital at 336-623-9711.