As the COVID-19 situation has evolved, our visitor policy is evolving as well. Get full details.

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General Information

General Info

Baby Photos

Your nurse will explain more about the photographs which will be taken shortly after your baby’s birth. You will have the opportunity to order photos online for a year from your child’s birth.

Cologne and Fragrances

Due to allergic reactions in other patients and visitors, do not wear cologne or fragrances during your stay.

Electrical Equipment

Personal appliances and equipment that plug into an electrical receptacle for operation (electric razor, hair dryer, curlers, radio, TV, tape player, computers, cell phones, etc.) are not permitted due to state and federal safety requirements. However, battery operated devices are permitted. Hair dryers, razors, and electric shavers are available at your request from the nurses’ station.

Mail and Flowers

Your mail and flowers will be delivered to your room by volunteers. Mail received after you have been discharged will be forwarded to your home address.

Reading Material

A volunteer will bring a cart each morning to offer you free magazines.

Restrooms and Baby Changing Stations

There are public restrooms on the patient floors, in the main lobby, in the Day Hospital, and in the Emergency Department. Baby Changing Stations are in all public bathrooms except on patient floors. Health regulations prohibit visitor use of patient restrooms.

Contact UNC Rockingham Health Care

Phone the hospital at 336-623-9711.