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After Your Hospital Stay

Going Home

How Your Length of Stay is Determined

Medicare, Medicaid, and other insurance carriers dictate that the hospital does not keep you longer than is judged necessary through a utilization review procedure.

Discharge From the Hospital

Following are the steps in discharge from the hospital:

  1. Your physician will write a discharge order on your chart.
  2. Your physician will discuss your release with you; otherwise, one of the nurses will inform you, and review your discharge orders with you.
  3. You may be asked to make arrangements for payment before you are discharged, or you may request to do so by calling extension 171-2336 or 171-2766.

Delayed Charges

It sometimes requires as much as twenty-four hours for a charge from a given department of the hospital to be posted on your bill. For this reason, charges for treatments or medicines ordered during the twenty-four hours preceding discharge may not be received in time to appear on your bill before you leave the hospital. The posting date may be after you were discharged from the hospital.

If you should have any questions about your bill, or there are any charges on your bill that you do not understand, please call the Patient Accounts Department at 336-627-6195.

Billing Information

For assistance with questions about your bill, please call 336-627-6195.