UNC Rockingham Health Care Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

As the COVID-19 situation has evolved, our visitor policy is evolving as well. Get full details.

For the most current information, please visit our Coronavirus resource pages.

Foundation Board

Board Leadership

Will Flynt - Chair 

Tara Fargis - Vice Chair

Andrea Fox - Treasurer

Board Members

Pete Baker

Jim Burnette

John Collins

Neville Hall

Randy Hunt

Tina Kirkman

Christy Hensley

Nancy Hough

William McLeod, MD

Sam Phillips

Geraldine Scales

Sonia Toney

Casey Vincent

Barney Walker

Grayson Whitt

Non-Voting Members

Steven Eblin - Interim CEO, UNC Rockingham Health Care

Jeff Parris - Trustee Chairman

Torrey Goard - Executive Director, Rockingham Health Care Foundation

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To contact the Director of the Foundation, please phone 336-627-8510.