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Bob Wyatt

"I’m a 70-year-old walking miracle!"

Bob Wyatt

The way Bob Wyatt (right) sees it, Dr. Mark Roy (left), a board-certified neurosurgeon with UNC Rockingham Health Care, is a miracle worker.

"A bulging disc in my lower back was putting pressure on my sciatic nerve and causing terrible pain," explains Bob, who taught math, chemistry, physics and driver’s education for three decades at McMichael High School. "Before the pain started, I had been walking up to 12 miles a day. I knew I needed to have surgery, and everybody told me Dr. Roy was the best."

Dr. Roy inserted two rods, each about the size, length and diameter of a coffee stirrer, on each side of Bob’s spine, and attached both with three screws. "Dr. Roy is a great person and an even better doctor," Bob says. "Immediately after the surgery, I was walking the halls of the hospital, and I had to take my pain pills for less than a week," Bob says.

Today Bob is a walking machine again. "I’m doing six miles before breakfast and up to 12 miles total on some days," Bob says. "Anyone care to join me?"