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Labor & Delivery

Welcome your baby into the world with an exceptional birthing experience at UNC Rockingham Health Care. Make this exciting time in your life memorable with a compassionate care team and a safe, comfortable environment to give birth.

When You’re in Labor

Talk to your OB-GYN as you near your due date about what to do when contractions start. Attend our childbirth class to learn about what to expect during labor. When you have consistent labor pains that don’t go away, go to the UNC Rockingham Birthing Center.

Delivering at the Birthing Center

When you arrive at the Birthing Center and check in, you’ll go to one of the labor, delivery, recovery, and postpartum (LDRP) rooms.

Your Birthing Plan

If you have a birth plan, present it when you arrive. Your labor and delivery care team will follow and accommodate your individual wishes as much as possible. Besides your partner, you can bring a doula for support during labor and delivery.

Skilled Care During Childbirth

Even if you’ve given birth before, this birth will be unique. Labor and delivery can progress differently with each pregnancy. Feel confident your specialized care team at UNC Rockingham has the experience to guide you through:

Comfort During Labor

You and your partner may choose one or more methods to cope with labor pain, including:

Modern, Safe Delivery Room Technology

Enjoy the private, contemporary LDRP room that you’ll remain in during your hospital stay. The birthing bed provides comfort to you during childbirth. In the unlikely case of an emergency, your team can easily access emergency equipment hidden just behind panels on the wall.

During labor, you may have fetal monitoring to check your baby’s heart rate to gauge stress during labor. After delivery, we’ll place your newborn in an infant care warmer to keep your baby comfortable and healthy if needed.

Room Amenities

Feel at home in your room at the Birthing Center. You, your family, and visitors will enjoy:

  • Dining table and chairs
  • Private bathroom with a shower and built-in sitz bath
  • Relaxing seating
  • Stereo
  • Television with remote control

Bonding With Your Newborn

Strengthen your connection with your newborn and partner after birth. During your recovery and postpartum time—in the same room you gave birth—you can begin skin-to-skin contact with your baby through cuddling and feeding.

During your hospital stay, you’ll room-in with your little one to simplify feeding and start building a strong relationship.

Breastfeeding Support

Trust our trained, certified lactation consultant to educate and support you. As a breastfeeding-friendly hospital, UNC Rockingham encourages breastfeeding. We want to help you feel comfortable with your ability to nurse your baby before you leave the hospital.

Well Baby Care

After birth, an experienced labor and delivery nurse will tend to your newborn’s needs in your room. Expect your baby to get blood tests and health screenings.

Secure Environment & Visiting

Your newborn will have a security band put on. Rest easy knowing that the Birthing Center is a locked unit. We also protect you and your baby with safety and visiting measures, such as:

  • During flu season, children under 12 cannot visit
  • Staff watch activity on the unit through central monitors at the nurses’ stations
  • Staff supervise tours of the Birthing Center
  • Visitors must know the mother’s name for admission to the unit

Tour the Birthing Center

Call 336-623-9711, Ext. 171-2242 to schedule a tour of the UNC Rockingham Birthing Center. You’ll find a welcoming environment that focuses on family-centered care.

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