Trust an experienced, board-certified neurosurgeon at UNC Neurosurgery at Eden to treat your back, neck, and nerve pain. You’ll receive top-quality neurosurgical care in partnership with UNC Rockingham Health Care.

Expert Help for Back & Neck Pain

Ongoing low back and neck pain and problems can change your life and affect your ability to move and do the everyday activities you enjoy. Depend on your care team at UNC Rockingham to help you get your quality of life back.

Feel confident you’ll receive expert neurosurgical care at UNC Rockingham. Your surgeon has years of experience performing neurosurgical procedures such as spine reconstruction, as well as back stabilizations.

Conditions We Treat

Turn to us to help manage and treat:

Evaluation & Diagnostic Testing

Count on your care team at UNC Neurosurgery at Eden to evaluate your medical history, symptoms, and pain at your first appointment. You may need imaging or diagnostic tests, such as an arteriogram or myelogram, to help to find the cause of your problems. The results help your doctor determine if surgery is right for you.

If surgery is the best treatment option, your neurosurgeon will perform your procedure at UNC Rockingham hospital.

Less Invasive & Surgical Treatments

Rely on your neurosurgeon to use minimally invasive procedures whenever possible. These procedures use advanced technology and a small incision resulting in faster recovery.

Depend on us for a broad range of surgeries to help rebuild, repair, or stabilize your nerves, neck, and back, including:

Advanced Surgery with Nerve Monitoring

If you have worsening back and leg pain and haven’t found relief with other treatments, ask your neurosurgeon if lateral (side) access surgery is right for you.

Get lateral access surgery at UNC Rockingham with our sophisticated nerve monitoring system. This precise system helps your care team protect the nerves in your spine and assists with a safe surgery.

During this minimally invasive procedure, you’ll lie on your side. Your neurosurgeon will make small incisions. Side incisions mean you may have less pain after surgery because your surgeon doesn’t go through your back muscles like traditional back surgeries. You’ll benefit from a shorter surgery, reduced hospital stay, and faster recovery.

Neurological Rehabilitation

If your doctor recommends rehabilitation after neurosurgery, you’ll start recovering in the hospital with help from UNC Rockingham rehabilitation service. After leaving the hospital, you may stay at UNC Rockingham Rehabilitation & Nursing Care Center before going home. This facility is the only setting you can get cross-team rehabilitation care in Eden. Your therapists can provide occupational, physical, and speech therapy in one location.

Ask for a Referral

Ask your doctor to refer you to UNC Neurosurgery at Eden for an evaluation.