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Breast Health


Protect your health with breast imaging services, including 3D mammography, at UNC Rockingham Wright Imaging Center in Eden, North Carolina. Yearly breast cancer screening supports early detection and treatment of breast problems.

Breast Exams & Screening

Perform monthly breast self-exams. And schedule breast exams with your doctor to check for breast changes. If your doctor finds an area of concern, you may have an imaging test to help identify a problem or condition.

Recognized for High-Quality Breast Imaging

Feel confident you’ll receive excellent breast care. Our imaging program is accredited for safety and quality by the American College of Radiology. Our mammography services also met the FDA’s standards for effective, safe imaging.

Certified & Registered Staff

Trust your breast care team to provide sensitive care during your testing. Expect quick, accurate testing and guidance from your team, which may include:

  • Board-certified breast radiologist
  • Registered mammography technologist
  • Registered breast sonographer
  • Registered nurse

Breast Health for Men

Breast conditions affect boys, teens, and adult males. If you have a lump or breast swelling, see your primary care doctor. You may need imaging tests to diagnose your condition. Choose UNC Rockingham for convenient, thorough breast health tests.

Imaging & Diagnostic Services

You’ll find a wide range of tests and services at the UNC Rockingham Wright Imaging Center breast-imaging suite, including:

Technology-Assisted Tests

Computer-assisted scans produce clear, accurate pictures and help radiologists find small changes in your breast tissues. Learn more about imaging and radiology tests and technology at UNC Rockingham.


Start getting a mammogram to screen for breast cancer at age 40 unless your doctor recommends different timing. If you have a family history of breast cancer, you may need testing in addition to a mammogram. Ask your doctor if genetic testing and counseling at UNC Women’s Health at Eden is right for you.

Types of Mammograms

Ask your doctor if you should have a mammogram using our 2D or 3D technology to create digital pictures of your breasts. If you have dense breasts, your doctor may recommend a 3D mammogram.

  • Screening mammogram – Takes pictures of your breasts to look for cancer when you don’t have signs or symptoms
  • Diagnostic mammogram – Takes pictures to examine specific breast tissue if your doctor wants to evaluate a lump or other symptoms, or learn more about irregular screening results

3D Mammogram Benefits

Get precise breast images with less pain and discomfort from the 3D mammography SmartCurve™ system at UNC Rockingham. The curved breast compression paddles make exams more comfortable than traditional mammography. The detailed, layered 3D images allow for:

  • Better accuracy detecting abnormal tissue and tumors
  • Clearer images of dense breast tissue
  • Easier diagnosis of breast cancer
  • Fewer false positives and follow-up tests

Comfortable Environment

Experience comfortable appointment rooms with your personal needs in mind. Our patient-centered, private mammography suite has separate dressing and counseling rooms.


A board-certified radiologist at Greensboro Radiology will read and report on your mammogram results. Expect your mammogram results to arrive in the mail within 10 days of your screening. Your doctor will also receive your results.

If you have abnormal screening results, a member of your breast health team will call you to schedule follow-up tests. You may also receive a call from your doctor.

Schedule a Screening Mammogram

Call 336-627-6183 to make an appointment for a screening mammogram at UNC Health Rockingham. You must have a primary care doctor or gynecologist to send the screening results to after your mammogram.

If you have breast pain or feel a lump, see your doctor to decide if you need a screening or diagnostic mammogram.

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