Ethics Committee



The Ethics Committee of UNC Rockingham Health Care exists to serve patients and protect their interests.


The Committee provides education to physicians, hospital staff, patients and patient families to help them understand the scope and impact of medical ethics in today’s society.

The Committee also provides ethics consultations to help physicians, hospital staff, patients and patient families work through a specific medical ethical dilemma they are facing.

What is a Medical Ethics Consultation?

A consultation is a discussion of a specific case where ethics committee members raise the possible options to pursue and, based on their education, experience and training, offer information and suggestions to the physician, hospital staff, patient or family member request the consultation.

An ethics consultation is not binding and does not arbitrate between parties. The purpose of the consult is to help those involved in the patient situation clarify options, issues and the ethical ramifications of decisions in order to make their own decisions about the case.

Who is on the Ethics Consultation Team?

The consultation team is comprised of members of the Ethics Committee. Not all members of the ethics team will be on each consult. Consults are often needed quickly and all committee members may not be available. A cross-section of team members are called in for the consult.

How Can I Request an Ethical Consult?

Any member of the Ethic Committee can initiate the consultation process and requests for a consult can be received from a physician, a hospital staff member, a patient or a patient’s family. To request a consult or to contact a committee member, call the Patient Representative at extension 2344, Monday through Friday, or ask the hospital operator to page the Administrative Supervisor. You may also request a consult by speaking directly with a committee member.

Who are the Ethics Committee Members?

The committee is made up of a broad cross-section of individuals from various disciplines throughout both the medical and general community who have a vested interest in the well-being of patients. Current committee members are listed below.

​Marlene Altham, Community Representative​

Pam Barham, Respiratory Therapist

Lemuel Hardison, Community Clergy Member

Michael Jones, UNC Rockingham Rehabilitation & Nursing Care Center Administrator

Vicki Lumpkin, Hospice of Rockingham County Chaplain

Bill McLeod, M.D., Physician (OB/GYN)

Susan Netherland, Representative from Administration

Jim Parsons, M.D., Physician (hospitalist)

Lynn H. Wilbourne, Community Representative

Angela Anthony, Nursing

Megan Cole, Community Representative

Links to Ethical Resources

Center for Bioethics, Health and Society – An interdisciplinary, academic bioethics center, including a graduate program in bioethics
American Society for Bioethics and Humanities
American Society of Law, Medicine and Ethics
National Reference Center for Bioethics Literature
The Hastings Center

Contact the Ethics Committee

Phone the Director of Quality Risk Management at 336-627-4212 or Extension 2364.